Dear colleagues,
Dear alumni,
Dear friends,

”When every heartbeat cheers for medicine and pioneering thinking never stops, then true innovation will be born.“ We would like to cordially invite you to review with us the milestones in the long career of Prof. Hugo A. Katus.

Together with his fellows and companions we will reflect the stages of his work and discuss exciting developments in cardiology with you and international guests. His scientific background in electrophysiology, the development of the Troponin-T test, the research of genetic cardiomyopathies and visionary initiatives in the digitization of cardiovascular medicine illustrate the extraordinary versatility and creative power of Prof. Hugo A. Katus.

We are therefore delighted to celebrate with you an amazing conference held at two important locations of our venerable university: the auditorium of the new Krehl Clinic and the University's Old Aula.

We wish all guests an exciting congress and thank the speakers and discussants for their contributions.


Yours sincerely

Prof. Dr. med. Benjamin Meder                                                       Prof. Dr. med. Philip Raake